3776 E 5th Ave. Columbus, OH 43219

Sheet Metal Services

Brake Metal

Custom fabricated metal to meet your design needs. We stock many types and thicknesses of sheet metal. Custom painted, powder coated and anodized finishing is available. From mild steel, to a top of the line mirrored stainless finish, we have the stock on our floors ready for fabrication to suit your needs. Anything from a simple corner guard to a custom stainless steel countertop, if you can dream it, we most likely can produce it! We have the expertise to take a drawing, picture or design and produce exactly to your vision.

CNC Plasma

Fabrication shops are all about precision and efficiency that ultimately starts with the equipment. CNC Plasma cutting is a process used to cut steel and aluminum materials using a plasma torch. We have the ability to convert drawings, pictures and designs and turn them into a product with stellar quality and precision. Our CNC plasma machine is equipped with cutting edge software and consumables for superior results compared to traditional cutting methods.

Custom Fabrications

Our staff, with a fully equipped facility, offers in-house cutting, folding, shearing and welding of various materials (MIG & TIG). We specialize in custom ornamental products from aluminum, steel and stainless steel such as handrails, doors, column wraps and custom automotive parts.